We Specialize In Commercial Leasing & Sales Services

When you’re searching for that perfect retail, office, or industrial space or that perfect tenant, time is of the essence. But researching markets, vetting tenants, and negotiating contracts can be a full-time job – and you already have one of those. What if you had a partner to do the work for you, look out for your best interests, and make the leasing and sales process as painless as possible? With Tyler Cauble and Vastland Realty Group, you do.

Since 1995, the Vastland Realty Group has met the real estate needs – office, retail, and industrial – of businesses throughout the Greater Nashville Area. We’re Nashville natives who are actively involved in our communities, local associations, and our area’s Chamber of Commerce, so we know the market, what areas are hot and getting hotter, what could impact your traffic, and where the city is headed. We’re also owners and developers, so we can provide advice on the investment side of things as well. 

Whatever your commercial real estate needs, whether you’re a landlord, a tenant, or an investor, we’re here to help. Our commercial leasing and sales services include the following:

  • Landlord Representation – Are you a landlord looking for a tenant for your space? With Vastland Realty Group on your side, you can expect to fill vacancies faster and find better tenants, without wasting your time. We’ll identify and market to potential tenants, identify comparable properties, help you determine rent rates, meet with and vet prospects, and negotiate contracts with your best interests at heart. We know that a vacant property is money lost and seek to find the best tenants for your space, fast. Whether you’re looking to sell or lease a property, we can help. Learn more about what we do for our landlord clients here.
  • Tenant Representation – Looking for the perfect retail, industrial, or office space in the perfect location? Whether you know just where you want to be or you’ve just begun your search and are open to different neighborhoods and areas in Nashville, we can help. As real estate brokers who are very active in our community, we often know about properties before they’re advertised. We know the market and will work hard to find you a space that meets your needs, budget, and time frame, whether you’re looking to purchase or lease. We’ll also help negotiate a contract that benefits you – all at no cost to you. Find out more about our tenant representation services here.
  • Real Estate/Investor Consulting – It’s your money and you want to be confident you’re investing in a property that will provide the greatest return. We can help. Let us know the areas you’re looking to purchase in, what type of building or space you’re interested in, how many tenants you want, what your budget looks like, and what type of return on investment you’d like to see, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll locate spaces that fit your budget and vision, run the numbers, and show you where you’re likely to get the best ROI. But it doesn’t stop there – we’ll be with you to negotiate the purchase and close the deal as well. Learn more about our real estate consulting and investor consulting services here.

Put our expertise and knowledge of the Nashville market to work for you – call 615-574-8060 to talk with Tyler Cauble and discuss your commercial leasing and sales needs today.

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