Landlords, We Work On Your Behalf To Find Better Tenants, Faster!

Do you have a vacant retail, office, or warehouse space in Nashville? Are you looking for help finding great tenants and protection during negotiations? Let Vastland Realty Group help. We work on behalf of landlords in the Greater Nashville Area to find better tenants, faster, and negotiate leases and purchase contracts that benefit you, the landlord.

What Does Working With Vastland Realty Group Look Like?

When you choose to work with Vastland Realty Group, you get a partner who will offer consulting and advice, and work tirelessly on your behalf to save you time and money. As owners and developers ourselves, we can also provide you with advice as an investor, not just a broker.

We’ll look at comparable properties in the area to identify rent prices for each individual space you have available, determine where you are in the market, and explain why we believe you should ask more or less for your property. We’ll consider tenant mix when identifying potential tenants to ensure that vacancies remain appealing and valuable to prospects. We market properties to other brokers and businesses via meetings/phone calls, email blasts, marketing packets, signage, and online postings. 

Once we’ve identified prospects, we set up site tours and qualify them before presenting them to you. We request three years of tax returns and a personal financing statement from whomever is guaranteeing the lease so your time isn’t wasted. You’re only involved once a qualified tenant is identified.

Throughout the process, from marketing your property and vetting potential tenants to negotiating the deal, we have your best interests at heart. Your satisfaction is paramount!

Save Time & Money – Let Vastland Realty Group Represent You

If you’re a commercial landlord in the Greater Nashville Area looking to consult with and obtain representation from an experienced real estate broker who’s active in and on top of the changes occurring within the community, call on Vastland Realty Group. We’re here to make filling vacancies stress-free and profitable for you. Call 615-574-8060 today.

Our tenant representation services are just what you need to make sure you are leasing or buying the right property for you and your business. We can help with all aspects of commercial real estate and sales services, so give us a call.